• Make Your Art Deco Suites Reservation

      Making your reservation is easy, and guarantees your stay at Art Deco Suites the utmost level of security. Along with your reservation, you will also receive a copy of the rental contract. The contract is for your benefit and peace of mind. It outlines all the specifics that guarantee your safe, reliable, no-nonsense stay here, and gives you the option to ask questions so you feel secure. Along with your confirmation you will receive a PayPal payment request for the damage deposit. Once paid, this seals the Agreement. The damage deposit is 100% refundable so long as there are no damages.

    • Your Reservation Is Payable Using PayPal

      PayPal is an eBay owned payment platform – 100% secure. Odds are, you are already familiar with PayPal. You might not know this: You do not need a PayPal account to make your Art Deco Suites reservation. You can use a credit card  or e-Check and PayPal will process the payment for you. After making your PayPal reservation, you will automatically be sent a receipt from PayPal. The receipt will be sent directly to the email address you provided.

    • The Rental Contract

      As mentioned above, is for your peace of mind. Art Deco Suites is responsible for every guest who stays here, and we only allow responsible people: our guests are mature adults (no rowdy college students looking to party and make a big noise). Agreeing to the conditions in the contract is essential BEFORE becoming a valued guest. Families or couples with children are welcome too! Please take a few minutes to read the Art Deco Suites Contract. The contract will open in a new window so you will not lose your positioning on this page. Art Deco Suites is first come, first served. This is another excellent reason why you should make your deposit payment well in advance. The suites are almost always full. Please try to allow 30 to 90 days in advance. Please remember that we are in Mexico, and can only accept Mexican Pesos (MXN). No other currency is legal tender in Mexico.

    • Regarding Reservation Refunds

      Your Suite is reserved for you in advance and off the market for the dates guaranteed to you. If for any reason you decide not to show up for the time you agreed to stay here, we need to be compensated for lost revenues and reservations. You will receive a 100% deposit refund if you provide a 60 day cancellation notice, and a 50% deposit refund if you provide a 59 to 30 day cancellation notice, via email. Refunds are less PayPal fees, if any. No refund is available with less than 30 days notice.

Reserving Is Easy…

Please fill in your reservation request so that we can check our vacancy calendar before making your Reservation Deposit. Once we receive your request, we will reply promptly with availability, and in the affirmative we will also send you a Deposit Request via PayPal. We strongly recommend booking as far in advance as possible to assure availability.



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