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“Excellent location, clean and safe, home away from home”
“Excellent location, clean and safe, home away from home”cactuscathy
Taxco, Mexico

Reviewed October 27, 2012
I met many congenial travelers from all over the world during my stay at Art Deco, and I loved the convenience of the Downtown location, surrounded by great restaurants and active night life. The ADO bus station is a short walk from Art Deco, so it was very easy to visit famous Mayan sites, such as Chichen Itza and Tulum, without hiring expensive transportation. The beautiful beach is also a short and inexpensive bus ride away.

There was always hot water and internet, and management was VERY quick to respond to my requests, especially the day the clothes dryer broke down in the middle of my wash. The maintenance man kept the common areas in great shape and was a great help, especially when I needed to replace my water jug. Oh yes, and the best part — NO BUGS!
Room Tip: I stayed in the Deluxe which has a 2nd floor balcony and lots of ventilation with 2 large windows…

Perth, Australia

Reviewed October 25, 2012
I never usually write reviews for places but I thought I best give art deco one. Really top place to stay in cancun. I stayed in the zen suit which admittedly was the largest, but it was a real comfortable place to be and for what you get, the price is cheap. I am sure you can go out and find a place in cancun cheaper, but then you will have the hassle of getting somewhere, connecting internet, water, power ect, and if you are a young gringo like my self, lets face it you are going to get fleeced on the monthly rate to an extent. I will also say you wont find a place with as nice of interior and design as well as being so up kept as art deco
I really needed a base to work from during the week, working online I could not fault the internet connection. There’re three routers with two different connection lines, only once in two months did one of those lines go down, and then it wasn’t an issue because there was a back up. Honestly, the internet was better than I was used to in Australia and southern Europe.
Being a young guy traveling by myself the place also has a really good social friendly vibe to it. There is always someone ready to have a few beers so its not like you will be by yourself. On that note however, don’t expect there to be raging parties till two in the morning when you are trying to sleep. You are only ten-fifteen minutes away from the hotel/party zone of cancun. This is also a good thing as you are a far enough away that you are not paying for everything with inflated prices. The kitchen was always spotless and had great amenities although I hardly used them as it was cheaper and easier for me to eat out relatively healthy for nearly every meal.
Seth the land lord is tops, very attentive and runs a tight ship.
The power you have to pay on top. Just to give you a guide, for two months I didn’t turn my ceiling fan, Ac, fridge or laptop off and it came to about $35us/month. Which again, is nothing in the big scheme of things.
In summary: Definitely recommend it. Good mix of people there to always be around, really clean and well kept with well decorated rooms and in a really safe neighborhood

“Excellent Experience, Will Definitely Return!”
“Excellent Experience, Will Definitely Return!”Gav304
Cancun, Mexico

Reviewed October 2, 2012
Stayed at Art Deco for almost 2 months and had an amazing time. The manager is a really good host and goes above and beyond to make your stay memorable. I got PLENTY of tips for things to do around the area, and he got me the local rate when I went and saw the whale sharks. He even paid for my dinner when I had to leave my apartment when I needed to get my air conditioner replaced. Really not necessary, but definitely made an impression!

The attention to detail in the rooms is clear, great hot water, water pressure, comfy beds, nice sheets etc. I work online, and the internet here is really fast, with 2 separate connections in case one goes down. It never did, but it was good to have anyway.

All in all I really couldn’t ask for a better place to stay, the location is AWESOME and I met a ton of cool people that are also in the building. FYI, Cancun centro where art deco apartments are is way better to live in than the hotel zone. It’s a short bus ride to get there anyway, but you definitely want to stay down town in my opinion.

Sorry to be leaving, but will definitely be back again!

“Comfy, clean and affordable”
“Comfy, clean and affordable”globetrekker49
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Reviewed October 1, 2012
Stayed a month at Art Deco and really enjoyed the location. The place is contemporay and clean, the people are friendly, and it was everything that I needed. Also it is right next to ADO bus station which was really convenient. I highly recommend this place.

“Perfect Cancun Spot - Second time back and it won't be the last!”
“Perfect Cancun Spot – Second time back and it won’t be the last!”istehayatbu
San Diego & Austin, U.S.

Reviewed September 12, 2012
This is the second time I have stayed at Art Deco and each time I have had an excellent experience. I highly recommend it (and have done so) to anyone looking for a place to stay in Cancun. The location is great. It is close to everything. Easy to get anywhere in the city with a short walk to Av. Tulum. It is also very close to Parque las Palapas, the city’s main park where there are always lots of people, cultural events on the weekend, and lots of good cheap food.

So here is how it works: it is not a hotel, well, not in the sense that you might think of a typical hotel. It is really more of a guest house that houses folks who are staying in Cancun for longer-ish periods of time. One of the implications of this is that folks there tend to have jobs and are in Cancun not to party, but to, well, work. The last year I stayed there was a small group of very cool 20-somethings from Europe who would hang out from time to time in the common area. I was grateful for the company and made good friends. We never had a party at Art Deco, and I know that this is something that is not cool with the owner. That is to say, there may be some people hanging out from time to time, but in my experience loud noise and parties has never been characteristic of Art Deco. I have always found that the friends I made at Art Deco were a highlight of my experience in the city. This year things were even quieter than last. I was in Cancun to study, so I appreciated the silence. Still, I did make good friends from around the world that I will stay in contact with for a long time to come.

Art Deco is always clean and if there is a problem or concern the owner is quick to act. Seriously, the handyman (who is very, very sweet) comes in every day for a few hours and is busy with work. Honestly I sometimes felt like he was making up work to do because everything looked great to me! Since last summer the kitchen has been updated with a brand new stove. It is very clean and even has matching plates and cups. If you don’t want to put your food in the common refrigerator you can keep it in the small fridge in your bedroom. This is what I always did.

Whenever I had an issue the owner was quick to act. I was concerned that there wasn’t a drape on one of the windows in my room. By the end of the day I had a drape on the window. One day when I was in the kitchen boiling water in a saucepan for my coffee he commented that it would be easier if there were a teapot. I never asked him for one, but by the end of the day there was a brand new teapot on the stovetop. Also, with regard to the internet, while I was there he replaced the wifi system. After its replacement I always had full bars without fail. This is all to say, based on my experience and those of the other people I knew while I was there, if there is a problem, the owner is quick to act. You just need to let him know.

I have never had a problem with my deposit or an outrageous electric bill. Each year I received my entire deposit. Do read your lease though. You need to clean the sheets and dry-clean the comforter. But then, you should always read the lease. This kind of goes without saying. With regard to electricity, it is expensive in Mexico! I recommend turning off the AC when you are not in your room and not running it all night long. You can also keep track of how much you use if you just ask the owner to show you your meter reading when you move in. Still, at the end of a month and a half my electric bill was just $200 pesos, about $20 US, which is still less than my electric bill in the States.

“Great location - be careful about damages”
“Great location – be careful about damages”mangabey12
San Antonio, Texas

Reviewed August 25, 2012
We loved staying at Art Deco Suites, the location is perfect for Downtown and only a very short bus ride out to the beach and the convention center. The manager was always really helpful and even upgraded our room when the a/c wasnt working properly. The only downside – when one of the pillow cases got stained with my sunscreen it cost $60USD to replace the whole sheet set – ALL the rest of the deposit was returned and he sent me a receipt showing the amount for new sheets. I knew we would be liable as this isn’t a hotel and I’m only really mentioning it so you know to take extra care not to damage anything as it seems like replacements are pretty expensive in Cancun. Everything else about our stay was great and we would definitely come back!
Stayed August 2012, traveled on business

“A very nice place to stay in Cancun.”
“A very nice place to stay in Cancun.”havredegrace55
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Reviewed August 11, 2012
Very clean apartment. Everything went well. No complaints. Manager was excellent. Will stay there again. Truly an international feel as there were people from France, Russia, Canada, United States, Japan and Korea. Recieved 100% of my deposit back which was important to me.

“Perfect location in Cancun downtown!”
“Perfect location in Cancun downtown!”hanchie
Varazdin, Croatia

Reviewed August 6, 2012
We stayed at this nice suite for 10 days in August 2012. Location is really great! You have 3 minutes from main bus station from where you can go to any beach close or far (Hotel zone or Playa del Carmen). It is also very close to the Av Yaxchilán where you can find many nice restaurants and bars. Just 3 minutes walk you need to Parque de Las Palapas (like main square) where you can find authentic Mexican food (or place where Mexican eat 🙂

Accommodation was really ok. The landlord welcomed us with complementary bottle of wine and flowers. Small suite in “art deco” style, clean and pretty new. Everything was working fine: TV, shower, air condition, wireless … Price was reasonable and despite pretty strange payment procedure with deposits and contracts (which is probably normal in Mexico) everything was as we agreed by email in advance.

I would rate this hotel with 5 stars but we have one small problem – moldy smell for first few days because of high humidity. However we ventilated our room for few days ant than it was perfect.

“Excellent studio room with aircon, wifi, TV and pool access”
“Excellent studio room with aircon, wifi, TV and pool access”Olivia W, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Very happy with my stay. Studio was clean and everything in the room was new. Bed was very comfortable and tv and wifi worked perfectly. Able to use pool next door with no problems (it wasn’t necessary to buy anything from the restaurant in my experience to use the pool- a friendly smile worked fine!). Excellent water pressure and water temperature. Good social atmosphere between tenants but also a very relaxed/quiet feel if you would prefer to keep to yourself. New stove is a great improvement to the kitchen. Good location, close to food and entertainment area. Owner was very understanding when I damaged the mosquito netting and said he would fix it for no extra charge.
Highly recommended.

“Awesome Value!”
“Awesome Value!”Brendon B, Victoria

I loved art Deco suites for 3 very good reasons. The value for my dollar (and I searched for 2 months before making a decision) and found nothing even slightly comparable for the money. This is truly champagne living for a beer budget. Second reason: The location is perfect. Right in the middle of the real AUTHENTIC Cancun, close to everything yet quiet enough to disappear forever. Third reason: I found the atmosphere at Art Deco so relaxed. It was unconditional friendship from the very minute I arrived. I’ll be coming back every year. I just loved it. 5 stars in every way. You simply won’t find value like this anywhere else at such a reasonable price. Room Tip: The Zen suite is the largest but all the rooms are excellent.

“From distant Russia in Cancun”
“From distant Russia in Cancun”Moscow, Russia

Cобрались мы в нашу поездку, спонтанно.Дешевых горящих путевок в Мексику не нашлось и мы стали искать варианты билетов и жилья,так как перелет из Росси не из дешевых,жилье нужно было найти недорогое и тут нам подвернулся этот гест хаус,цена не менялась,если бы мы поехали на 10 дней или на месяц,было решено,раз путь неблизкий лететь на 26 дней.Если вы хотите каждый день нежится на пляже,вам придется добираться до него на автобусе,время в пути мин 20 на автобусе,остановка в 3х минутах ходьбы,а если вы едите в бизнес поездку,очень удобное расположение,вы будите жить в самом центре,номера чистые и соответствуют фотографии,убирать у вас могут за отдельную плату(недорого),но можете и сами это делать,Вода горячая всегда есть , в номере есть миникухня,тумба ,вешалка,девушки не забывайте с собой фен для волос,если вы едите из России,розетки не такие как у нас,переходник можно купить прям там за 50 центов,в России они стоят значительно дороже.В общем пользование у вас будет кухня с большим холодильником,газовая плита,посуды хватает,так же есть стиральная машинка,сушка электрическая для белья и утюг,во дворе можно приготовить отличные стейки,которые там стоят значительно дешевле чем у нас.В наш приезд у нас были отличные соседи из Америки,Англии,Австралии и Эквадора,мы часто ужинали вместе,ходили в клубы в отельной зоне,в связи с чем получили колоссальный опыт в практике языка,рядом на автобусной станции по дороге на пляж,я покупала апельсиновый фрешь -доллар,если вам нужна машина в 5 минутах ходьбы,есть крупная компания по аренде авто.но если вам не ехать на далекие расстояния ,она не пригодится,все в пешей доступности.С Собой не забудьте пляжные полотенца.

“Brilliant location, safe and secure, excellent wifi, beautiful luxurious bed and b”
“Brilliant location, safe and secure, excellent wifi, beautiful luxurious bed and b”Launceston, Australia

Art Deco Suites is a credit to the designer, creator and administrator.

I am a female independant traveller and had been warned against staying in Cancun.
My helpful friends could not have been more wrong thanks to the many layers of security at Art Deco Suites.

Firstly, the rooms are secure,… secondly, the design of the apartments makes it easy to form friendships, thus another level of personal security,… thirdly there is a member of staff readily available and the owner leaves you with a contact number, and lastly you are given a key to unlock external gate.

I loved my room, the power bill was absolutely fair, and the owner highly professional in all aspects of the smooth running of the establishment. The contract is totally clear and transparent, no hidden clauses and it is up to you to read it carefully. He also has taken the time to create a website of tips and helpful advice on everything you may need to know.

Everything I needed was within walking distance; ADO bus terminal, supermarkets, markets, parks, pools restaurants of every kind, entertainment and the buses to the Hotel Zone if and when you choose…this is where you find a different type of shopping, beautiful beaches and crazy and wonderful nightlife in the Club sector, made all the better by knowing you can escape back your sanctuary.

This was my home for a month and I formed lasting friendships with my ‘Deco Family’ that will keep a smile on my face for many years to come.

I’ll be back without a doubt. Thank you to all who made my stay an absolute delight.

Stayed September 2012, traveled solo

“Excellent Room”
“Excellent Room”PS, Sydney, Australia

Room was clean and exactly as represented in the photo. Without a doubt would stay here again. Price, location and honesty of the owner are all spot on and it was a great value for money! Close to shops, restaurants and discos. Also great pharmacy near by.

“Best Value Option”
“Best Value Option”CW, Montreal, Canada

I found Art Deco Suites online when I was planning an exploratory business trip to Cancun for 2 months. My budget would not allow staying at a hotel, and so was looking for a short term furnished apartment downtown that fit my pocket book. This place is like a little jewel of Art Deco architecture in the middle of downtown Cancun. The studio I had came with everything I needed – flat panel T.V., Wi-Fi, puffy sheets and towels and everything was impeccable. There is a small landscaped courtyard where all the studios give out to with a big BBQ grill and seating. While I rented a car upon arrival, I returned it after a few days because I found that most everything was easy walking distance, and the airport shuttle and central bus terminal was a few minutes’ walk away. I give the place a 10 for value, cleanliness, and safety and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a smart alternative to a hotel if they plan to be here for a month or more. More than half of my neighbors were women traveling solo, the rest were business people like myself and a couple of French interns with major hotels on the Riviera Maya.

“A good value!”
“A good value!”DL, Montreal, Canada

This place has a lot of character,the monthly rent at $445 Dollars make this cozy inn the most affortable yet quality rooms in Cancun that I have found, it s mostly a mixture of europeans and north americans tourists and savy travellers as well,they might not be huge studios but it is adequate, it has an nice courtyard with a BBQ and a full kitchen for the want to be cordon bleue(chef).The rooms are super clean and the owner want to keep it that way as everyone is reponsible to keep it up. I did not have any problems getting my deposit back, this place is great for budjet mind traveller that is looking for comfort, modern rooms.

“A Hidden Gem in Downtown Cancun!”
“A Hidden Gem in Downtown Cancun!”JR, Los Angeles, CA, USA

” The Art Deco Suites have all the amenities if not more than any hotel situated in the hotel zone with an added benefit – they are extremely economically priced! The complex is strategically located in the heart of downtown and is a short 3 minute walking distance to the main ADO bus station where you can easily hop on a bus to Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Chichen Itza for between $3-8 dollars each way! In addition to staying in central Cancun, you can truly experience all the authentic restaurants you will not find in the hotel zone.The neighbors were all friendly, sociable and often invited to eat or join for a night in the town. Overall, I highly recommend the Art Deco Suites to solo travelers or couples as it will be money well spent!”

“Luxury on a budget”
“Luxury on a budget”AH, New York City, USA.

“We enjoy the good things in life, but we also have to be smart with money, and in these financial times, this is truly the type of rental that makes an extra long vacation actually affordable. Our suite was as advertised, and the building is in an ideal location in downtown Cancun: on a safe side street just around the corner from shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and banks and a quick 3 minute walk from the ADO main bus terminal. Our suite was extremely clean, quiet, and very comfortable. The air conditioning was more than adequate, and there was great water pressure and plenty of hot water. We slept soundly, and my husband often praised the bed and linens which were of excellent quality. There is a laundry center on the premises, and that was very convenient. The communal kitchen is fairly rudimentary, but decently equipped and had everything we needed. The Art Deco architecture was something I have only seen the likes of in Miami Beach, and someone must have put a lot of love into the design, inside and out, down to the smallest detail like the beautiful Venetian tiled showers. The internet worked nicely and was fast. We received prompt replies to our emails both before arriving and during our stay. We feel we received an excellent value for the money, and received our deposit back with no hassle upon check out. I am not one to usually take the time to write reviews, but we were very satisfied here, so I feel this charming place deserves kudos for providing a great base for our vacation. We would definitely stay here again the next time we visit Cancun.

“Great place for short term or extended stay!”
“Great place for short term or extended stay!”CP, Walnut, CA, USA

“Our three favorite things about Art Deco Suites is how clean it is, the great design of the place, and its’ location. It’s a gem in the heart of downtown Cancun!

The architectural detail is impeccable, and it has a hidden courtyard that’s peaceful, too. Even has the recorded and realistic sound of running water.

When we first arrived it was a little confusing, because while the owner had sent us an email with instructions asking us to call him when we got in so he could let us in the gate and check in. But we had our phones turned off and didn’t see it the message, He responded quickly when we found his number, but when you make your arrangements just know that you have to schedule your arrival to be let in. (i.e, not like a walk-in hotel.)

I see here that others have mentioned the contract. When we got in we hadn’t received our contract by email yet, so weren’t quite prepared to have one -just arriving and all. When we read it, we felt was detailed but fine. Unsure about electricity rates we were charged, as they seemed high per kwh, but I think there’s a law in Mexico that charges a premium on places that use more electricity – which this place would. Still, not bad for all the A/C we use.

Also, check your dates on contract, as you’re charged a daily rate that begins the day you check in -a little different than a hotel.

There’s a kitchen that’s pretty well equipped, but you might want to bring a plate and dish. (Inexpensive at Walmart). The owner tries to keep it stocked and clean, but with multiple guests it doesn’t always stay that way. The in-room kitchenettes are good for microwaving, and keeping a few items in your fridge, but you’ll need the kitchen if you really cook.
Nice flat screen TV’s with cable, clear picture, plus comfy beds.

The owner also has a fantastic handyman, and is very responsive to any repair requests. The place is well maintained and with no bugs. For people accustomed to bathrooms with doors, some units don’t have them…seems common in Mexico. We requested and got one with door.

Pretty quiet for being downtown – sometimes it could be a little loud with guests, but the owner took care of it if we asked. You can hear music from nearby Yaxchilan, but not too loud.

Our room was a larger one, and we paid extra for dedicated internet, since we work from our room online. Service would go down several times a day for short periods (5-30 min.), but we were able to work consistently from there, overall. Took a little off my rating for this, but it may not be the hotels’ fault, as I’m learning this happens in Mexico.

When we checked out the owner treated us well, as far as not charging for anything being replaced. We did keep it clean there and I know he works to maintain his bedding, etc. looking good. Also refunded our full deposit promptly.

Overall, we really liked it there.
The building was secure, friendly guests to visit with, 2 nice common areas. We really enjoyed walking a few steps out the door to this great little park that sits at the end of the street, too. Nice neighborhood with friendly locals.

We’ll definitely visit Art Deco Suites when we get back to Cancun sometime and we definitely recommend it to other travelers.

“Great place to stay”
“Great place to stay”NJF, Mallorca, Spain

“I thought the room was great – I love a comfortable bed, and it was spotless and well organized. Great shower too. Even though it’s just one room the open plan design made it feel larger.
The location is really good, plenty of bars and restaurants just around the corner. It was a little noisy at night sometimes, but not too bad. Just sort a normal city business and Cancun being what it is.
The complex itself is gated and feels very secure. LocaI police have a high profile in the area. I stayed for a month and saw no hint of trouble. Very agreeable location.

“Perfectly located and worth every dime”
“Perfectly located and worth every dime”Tony B. New York, NY, USA

“I would and will stay at the Art Deco suites in the future. I would recommend the suites that have their own bath. Just for privacy. Great way to experience how the locals live.

“Great find”
“Great find”MS, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

“Great facility. Hot water, and good water pressure, all the time! Secure entrance, convenient location with restaurants around the corner. Support staff is fabulous and landlord is very responsive. Only complaint is that there is only a curtain between the bathroom and the bedroom. Wi-Fi is good, with two choices so there is a backup. We were there in December so the a/c was only necessary for part of the time. You have to pay your own electricity bill so that is something to watch. Just don’t leave the a/c on when you are out of the apt. We received a photo of the electric meter when we checked in, so it is easy to see usage, if you are concerned. Each apt. has its own meter. We stayed in the new building which is only 3 yrs old, and it looks brand new. The staff really keeps it clean. We had a slight leak in the toilet on Xmas weekend. It was fixed on Monday morning, which was fine.
If you want to get away from the hotel zone and see where the locals live and shop, you will love this location. It is very user friendly, local and long distance busses are short walks.

“Loved it and I’ll be back!”
“Loved it and I’ll be back!”GH, San Diego, CA, USA

“After more than a month of traveling around the Yucatan Peninsula – finding various accommodations with variable degrees of comfort – it was such a relief to land at the Art Deco Suites in Cancun. Tired and hot from a long journey, I arrived at the Suites to find a clean, comfortable room with AC!! Woohooo, a serious luxury in the Yucatan in the summer. All the rooms have internet (which worked well the whole time I was there, minus the last day of my stay when other friends of mine in other parts of the city were also having problems), A/C, and TV with cable. Watch out as the A/C will drive up the electricity bill. Not though that this is a consequence of high cost of electricity in Mexico, not a result of any Art Deco policy. Still it is real nice to have the A/C there to kick on when it is a million degrees outside. I stayed in one of the rooms in the main house. Unlike the majority of the rooms, I shared a bathroom with 2 other residents. This did not bother me in the least since it brought the cost of the room down and meant that I wasn’t responsible for cleaning it. My bed was comfortable and the sheets, towels, and everything else was very clean.

The guest house setup is really ideal since you have a room of your own, but a larger community of people to hang out with when you are feeling social. This obviously depends a lot on who happens to be staying there while you are there.

I only wish that if anything folks had been more social! I was fortunate to share the space with a few really great people, people who became good friends and who I hope to stay in contact with for a very long time.

Some folks wrote about noise on nearby Yaxchilan. It is true, the house is a few doors down from the busy street, but it was never so loud as to keep me from being able to sleep. I could hear the Mariachis in La Parrilla at night, but I honestly found it charming. Mariachi music at night is not a common occurrence back in my neighborhood in the U.S . . . and like I said, it really wasn’t that loud, more like soft, muffled background noise. There is louder music on Sundays at the park down the street where they give salsa classes, but it doesn’t extend late into the night and I actually enjoyed sitting outside on the balcony with friends and a cold drink listening to the music on Sunday evenings.

All these things are great obviously, but the best thing about Art Deco is the location. It is perfect!! You are right in the middle of everywhere you need to be and/or a short 2 minute walk from the bus line that will take you there. It is in a really charming neighborhood full of parks, unlike pretty much anywhere else in the city. There are lots of grocery stores close by, you are a 5 minute walk from the ADO bus station, 2 minutes from Parque las Palapas, and close by countless restaurants and food stands.

I recommend Art Deco without hesitation. I am definitely planning to stay there again when I return next summer.

Do read your lease, but I think that goes without saying. I found the landlord quite charming actually and I received my entire deposit back (minus the electricity bill) without a problem.

“Oasis”CG,Montpelier, Ohio, USA

“This is an exceptionally clean and modern facility. We didn’t have to worry about the pests that are typical of this area, we never saw a single bug! We spent a great deal of time in the actual city of Cancun, not the tourist areas, and always we found it a relief to come back to a place that was secure, clean, and comfortable. The support staff was awesome!

“This place is perfect!”
“This place is perfect!”Rick Woolsey, Toronto, Canada

“As an Internet marketer and search engine optimization professional, I have seen many online scams over the last 10 years – in other words, I was very hesitant to trust travelling all the way to Mexico from Canada. I was really worried that when I arrived the Art Deco Suites would not even exist. Yes, you can call that borderline paranoia. But like a said, I’ve seen countless online scams.
And what a relief it was to find that the Art Deco Suites actually DO exist, and this place is absolutely beautiful AND in such a great location. You get the real deal in this location, authentic Mexican food, authentic everything! And the beach is breath-taking.
If you are looking for a non-tourist atmosphere where you can enjoy an authentic meal for $5 in any of the little restaurants within walking distance, you need to come here!
You will not be disappointed.

“Great Experience!!”
“Great Experience!!”Ana Patricia Z, San Luis Potosi, Mexico

“When i arrived to Quintana Roo i stayed in playa del carmen with some friends at an apartment with out air conditioner!! you took a bath and the next second you were already all sweaty!!! when i arrived to Cancun i found the Art Deco Suites, which in comparison are so nice, so clean and the location was great although it was a lot more expensive. You could find 2 supermarkets, many bars and restaurants just from a few blocks. I stayed here for 2 months, and it was a great experience, first of all it has air conditioner, tv, internet, a kitchen you share with everyone else and you can use the pool from the nextdoor hotel paying about $120 pesos.
The landlord and everyone there are really nice!! I definetly recommend Art Deco not only for the comfort but also if you are solo and you want to meet new people to hang out with.
At the end i received my deposit back without any problem. Just be sure to not lose your key because you’ll have to pay some extra!”

“Best Location in Cancun”
“Best Location in Cancun”Mario F, Cagliari, Italy

“Hi everybody. The 30th of June I arrived to Cancun from Italy to do and Internship. Since the first day until 20th of October I have been lived at Art Deco Suite. The first impression was very positive.

I will split my comment in different point so is gonna be easier to read it

The suites are very new and the bulding is modern and functional. There are 15 suites and most of them have the bathroom in the room.
The place is very clean also when all suites are occupated.
Every morning Chano (a really friend guy) cleans the common space from 7 o’clock until 9 o’clock. He is very kind and disponible, if u don’t feel like to clean your room by yourself he is very disponible to clean your room for a Tip. I always clean my room by myself but sometimes I gave him some tips because he works really hard.
The rooms are big and very confortable the bed is big and there is a useful minibar and microwave.. normally I use the minibar for some beers and water because there is a big common fridge in the kitchen where I use to keep the food.
There is big garden where we had some barbecue or we use to drink some beer.. he is very nice.. there is also a little balcoony in the firs floor from where I loved to see the stars.. was great.

This is the best value of the house. it is situated in the heart of the oldest part of Cancun.. it’s very nice because there are not so much turist so you can live a real mexican experience living in this place. 50 meters from the house there is a street full of bars, restaurant and clubs.. its’ very cheap because only mexican people come in this part of the town and it’s a safe place. I loved also that from the house u can here some mariachi singing in the near restaurant during the dinner time. the location is very strategic because it’s close to everything : 1 minutes walking from ADO (Bus company to travel everywhere in Mexico), 10 minutes walking from WalMart, 3 minutes walking from Comercial Mexicana ( SUpermarket), 10 minutes walking from chedraui ( Supermarket), 1 minutes walking from Oxxo and Extra (little supermarket open 24h). It’s also very easy to go to Hotel zone from here.. there is the bus stop 2 minutes walking and taking the bus Ruta 1 in 10 minutes you can go in a beach in hotel zone.

Life Style:
It’s depend from the people that are living in the house at the moment that you arrive.. When I arrived there where a lot of people and everybody was nice so I had really good time with them, eating together and drinkng together, after a while someone is gone so the house was a bit quiet but still ok.

there are rules in the house that i consider really right because it’s very difficult sometimes to keep the order when 15 people are living in the same house.. the rules are really simple and made just to respect the other flatmates. The rules are straight but there is a bit of flexibility between the flatmates.. so not hard at all to respect them.

The Owner:
He speaks perfectly Spanish and English. He is a businessman and he manage the house like a company. He has been very kind with me. I have read some comment of him very bad but it’s not true. I think it depends from the behavior of the flatmates.The best sentence of him is “buena cuenta, amigos largos”. It’s normal that if someone try to live in the house without paying the rent or not following the rules he is gonna change the behavior whit them. I respected him and he respected me.. I think he is a really good guy.

I think you are waithing for negative point, isn’t?

ok there 2 things that are negative..
First: I would like to have a door between the bedroom and the bathroom because there is just a curtain to close it. it’s a little negative point of the rooms that have the bathroom in the suite but if it is a big problem you can chose the rooms with the bathroom outside the room..
Second: there are not a lot of cooking tools in the kitchen .. but it’s just a negative point for me because I’m Italian and cooking for me it’s art.. =) .. but don’t worry because there are enough pots to cook a good meal.

I will return in Cancun.. I hope soon.. and definetly I would like to come back to live here because it’s the Best Location in Cancun.. I will raccomand to you this place because it’s quiet, u can have your privacy because you have your own room but you can find such good friend living in this house.
PS: I hope everybody can understand my english.. =)”

“A Lil Slice of Heaven”
“A Lil Slice of Heaven”Jesse, Chicago, IL, USA

“I have stayed at the Art Deco before so I didn’t even look any place else. At the Art Deco the rooms are new and clean. The owner is always happy to help you with anything you might need.The grounds keeper is a good man and keeps the Art Deco in tip top shape, and he will do anything you ask of him. There is a nice court yard with a bar b que and its a very nice place to sit and talk with your neighbors. Everything you need is in walking distance the Ado bus terminal, dining, night life, grocery and other shopping are all just a few minutes down the road. I will be returning to the Art Deco to spend the winter in the new year. Hope “

“Low key, safe, exceptional value”
“Low key, safe, exceptional value”LB, Pencticton, Canada

“This is a great no frills place to base your adventures. Super close to the Bus Station (ADO), and gathering of smaller mini-buses. Quiet, no party people. Simple shared kitchen. Good WiFi. No maid service (so your stuff feels safer). The owner is Mexican but seems American, knows our needs and is super helpful. This is the place for reasonable people. It is not your high-end bake on the beach place or people.

“I had an awesome stay at the Art Deco ”
“I had an awesome stay at the Art Deco ”Anna, Stockholm, Sweden.

“this summer. I stayed there for 2 months, and I loved it. The room was clean, with AC and TV, and the bed was comfortable. The location is great, near to the bus station, grocery store, and around the corner you can find restaurants and bars. I met a lot of cool people in the house, and loved the fact that we were able to get together and have a BBQ, or just hang out in the common spaces. I had no problem to get the deposit back, and the landlord is helpful and nice.

“Clean and great location”
“Clean and great location”Dan M, Toronto, Canada

“I stayed for 3 months. The location is great and central to many things short and longer term travellers may need within walking distance Clubs and Restaurants, Gym, Snack Stands, Grocery stores, ADO Major bus terminal (for trips to other parts of mexico), Markets, Bus line(to go to the beaches) all less than a 5 minute walk. The internet is reliable and everything looks as depicted in the photos. Landlord is fluent in spanish and english and always available which helps if you need to find something. I got along with everyone who was staying at Art Deco and would highly recommend as one of the best options for anyone staying for up to 6 months. My only criticism being as I enjoy cooking would be some upgrades in the shared kitchen, few more pots and pans and a blender.

“Great Value - You will enjoy!”
“Great Value – You will enjoy!”David Rowicz, Montreal, Canada

“As a solo traveler the art deco suites where the perfect hub to meet fellow travelers and discover the ”authentic” Cancun. The suites are very modern, clean, and the other facilities are very well maintained! The owner is very friendly and can help you out many times as he speaks spanish/english fluently. The bbq in the yard, and access to the pool at the hotel next door mad the place really awesome!


” I’ve been living nearly 3 months there and I love it. The studios are in the center, you have your own shower and toilet. You share the kitchen and the commune areas outside and garden, the night you have a security gard outside the house. You can do BBQ anytime. It is very quiet.You have everything you need, shops, parks, every Sunday night you can learn for free Cuban salsa in the park! The owner is very nice and helpful any questions or needs he will answer or find for you. he recommend to you doctors, dentists, lipo, massages, clinics, ect… if you want to stay for ever he will help you to get the fm3. Its a well secret garden in Cancun Center. The safety in Cancun is very good the americans news paper are lying about that. Im French and its 3 years I live in cancun its a paradise. You can eat for $100 per week all the fresh food the colors of the spices the smell of the fruits you will enjoy it! do not forget to visit the mayans pyramides impressif the jungle and the best the playa.you have la playa in the hotel zone with night club,music noise fun surf malls at the south of cancun and in the north of cancun you have quiet deserted beach,kiting,buggy, wild,with raw nature its is beautiful you will never want to leave Cancun!! basically you can have anything you want here partying or not. but anything you want to do, Olivier

“Clean, beautiful, central, awesome: ”
“Clean, beautiful, central, awesome: ”TP, Highland Park, Texas USA

“Could not ask for cleaner, better decorated, pleasant, centrally located accommodations for the price. The landlord was awesome! A wealth of information about the city, and the neighbors are all very friendly and helpful. Like a safe, little community. No need to look anywhere else:) I will stay there for all my trips to Cancun!

“Best kept secret in Cancun: ”
“Best kept secret in Cancun: ”GP, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“This is truly the best kept secret. Clean, NEW and in the heart of Cancun. My stay was great and I can’t wait to go back. Everything is within walking distance and the nightlife is awesome. Unlimited calling to U.S. and Canada makes things even better. See ya soon

“Highly recommended:”
“Highly recommended:”MK, Toronto, Canada

“Beautiful Furnished studio apartments for Solo Travelers” This is exactly what I have now, Art Deco Suites’s wonderful suite. I am a single senior travelling alone in Mexico for 5 months and totally satisfied with the accommodation here. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. There is a fully functional shared modern kitchen, laundry room, Wi-Fi, cable TV and courtyard just like all the convenience I need. Best regards.

“I do highly recommend Art Deco Suites!”
“I do highly recommend Art Deco Suites!”C.S, Avignon, France.

“If you are looking for an affordable, safe and clean place to live for few weeks or months, Art Deco Suites is definitely an option to consider. The decoration and furniture are like new, the place is at a walking distance to everything you need while situated in a calm street, and as for the manager, he is reliable, has a wide knowledge of Cancun life, and is always willing to assist you. I do highly recommend Art Deco Suites!

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un endroit propre, à un prix raisonnable et dans un cadre agréable, Art Deco Suites est définitivement une option à condidérer. La déco et les meubles sont comme neufs, la résidence est à 5 minutes à pied de tout ce dont vous pouvez avoir besoin dans la vie de tous les jours tout en étant dans une rue calme à côté d’un petit jardin communal. En ce qui concerne le gérant des lieux, c’est un homme de confiance, avec une très bonne connaissance de la vie à Cancun, parlant anglais et espagnol, et toujours prêt à vous assister. Je recommande fortement Art Deco Suites!

“Great location, great people”
“Great location, great people”Mike M., Las Vegas, NV, USA

“Stayed for 6 weeks, great location. Probably best internet connection in mexico 😉 Word of advice, only stay for months at a time or you will end up wasting a lot of money.

“Clean, comfortable, convenient”
“Clean, comfortable, convenient”Vanessa S., San Francisco, California, USA

“My parents and I stayed at Art Deco Suits for a month. We went for a family vacation and the first week my parents stayed there (while I stayed with friends at their home). After that I stayed for the rest of the month. The owner was really flexible with the transition of first my parents staying and then me, it was no problem.
The room is comfortable and everything is really new and clean. The bed is SUPER comfortable and better than most hotels (even luxury places!) and the shower is nice and hot with great water pressure. The little kitchenette is really handy for making morning coffee. The air conditioner works great and is very new.
The rooms are a little small, and sometimes there is noise from the street. The location is very convenient and you can walk around the area easily as its right downtown. The ADO bus station is also extremely close. Parking in the area is also pretty easy – and there is the parking lot on site.

“Clean, Safe, Quiet and Satisfied.”
“Clean, Safe, Quiet and Satisfied.”Geeman, Cancun, Mexico

Not far from the Beach and close to everything you need on a Cancun trip, this place is great. The suites are NEW and you feel like you can relax and enjoy what you came here for. We love it!

“Very Good Experience.”
“Very Good Experience.”Alan D., Dallas, Texas, USA

“My girlfriend and I stayed here last month and had a wonderful time. We spent most days and nights out and about, but Art Deco Suites was great place to come ‘home’ to. We found a great bar just around the corner called Los Arcos where the food and drink was good and cheap. The location was perfect for us – we used the busses they have direct to the beach, which were a little more expensive than the public but were air conditioning and no stops in between. We found it a really special place.

More Reviews:

I recommend checking this place out:
I have been living at Art Deco Suites for two months now and love it. Location is really good, walking distance to everything and a short bus ride to the Beach.The people staying here are really nice and fun.They are from all over the world, its very clean,safe and the cable TV keeps me entertained during my off time. the wireless internet lets me stay in touch with my friends back home. If your coming to Cancun I recommend checking this place out.
JK, Phoenix Arizona, USA

Great Stay:
Art Deco Suites are a great place to stay for short or long term. They are really clean and well located. Around 10 minutes by bus from the tourist area, 1 minute walk from lots of bars, restaurants and clubs. You won’t regret  staying here!
DR, Monterrey, Mexico.

Nice establishment. The owner is very nice and willing to help / answer any questions or concerns you might have. The only thing that I didn’t like about the place is that there isn’t a door to separate the restroom from the living area, only a curtain. There is a community bathroom available in the event that you do have company and would like some privacy. Other than that everything else was perfect. I stayed for two months.
DA, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Wonderful Vacation:

I had a wonderful vacation and I am confirmed again to stay there for two weeks in December with friends. Art Deco Suites is a new modern place for fun and frolic. Handy to everything in downtown Cancun and lots to do. Absolutely stunning decor, just check out their website.
LE, Vancouver, Canada